AMY GORDON Skin Clinic and Beauty Boutique

WOW!!!! So today we officially rebrand and become AMY GORDON Skin Clinic and Beauty Boutique.

This has been around a year in the making with many team meetings, discussions, planning and changes to bring us to where we are today.

To you our lovely, loyal clients nothing will change apart from our name above the door and on our social media channels etc, in terms of who we are, what we do and how we look after you will remain the same.

What will change?

As of Monday 20th May 2019 our website will change to www .uk and you will notice that our website has had a complete overhaul. We have modernised and added to it but have tried to keep  all of the things we like and that you say work for you and just added a little extra to make it even better. If you happen to forget and go to Bambi Lashes the you will  be automatically redirected to our new site.

Our social media channels have changed to amygordonskinandbeauty and although all this may not change immediately as are in the hands of the social media giants to make the changes it will happen!

We have tried our best to make all these changes as seamless as possible

And of course when we answer the phone you haven’t got the wrong number if we answer clinic & beauty……..this  is going to be the strangest thing for us and don’t be surprised if we make the odd slip up!!

To explain….

The reason behind this change is that over the years The Beauty Boutique has evolved from a place offering only lashes to what we are today. You may have noticed that our website and email address is Bambi Lashes and our Instagram and other social media accounts The Beauty Boutique etc which can be confusing even to our clients that have been with us from the start.

Although it has never really been an issue, we feel that for us professionally our name should be consistent across the board and also a more unique and recognizable name within the beauty and skin industry that depicts who we are and  most importantly what we do.

The Name…

No longer a lash company or just a beauty salon we needed individuality and a chance to make our name stand out in the industry. We wanted a strong and reliable name to which people can associate and trust. Being lovers of all things beautiful, we all admire brands such as Jo Malone, Tom Ford etc and therefore clinic & beauty was born..

In addition as some of you may know we are also dedicated  to advanced skin care and have a beautiful skin clinic upstairs. We are passionate about skin and the advances in technology that allow us to truly make a difference to the appearance of our clients  skin, the ageing processes and many hard to treat skin conditions for example, scarring & Acne.

This area of the Boutique continues to grow and advance with our latest machine the Crystal Clear COMCIT. This allows us to offer Microneedling, Oxygen Therapy and Microdermabrasion which since its launch is proving very popular and has already seen some amazing results.

Under the Skin Clinic banner we are now also able to offer a dedicated IPL (hair reduction) room downstairs which will soon see a revamp and is proving to be a popular treatment at the boutique. This year will see us launch other various skin treatments to expand what we are able to  achieve in the clinic. So keep your eyes peeled on all our social media channels for new announcements!

Boutique Treatments

We are forever continuing to develop our treatments within the Boutique and are always looking for advances or better ways of doing things or bringing in treatments you as our clients would like.

Our lashes are well known in the area and we are so proud that along with the relaunch of our name we have painstakingly developed over the last year our very own lashes. Researching and trialling hundreds of lashes to ensure we have the  very best. Some of you have already worn these lashes to prepare our own brand for the launch.


And finally, we have launched our Training School ‘AMY GORDON Advanced Beauty Training’. We are so passionate about the quality and training of therapists in today’s industry that we developed our first training programme which  is accredited by a governing body in the beauty industry and which now means we can train and certificate in intimate waxing which we hope to roll out over the second half of the year.

During the period of this development we have supported the therapists at our local college, the Colchester Institute and are soon to support the beauty school at Suffolk One.

This is also an area which we will continue to develop as we believe we have the quality and expertise to help the next generation of therapists.

We look forward to seeing you all back in the Boutique soon (we are a still a boutique!) and thank you as always for your loyal and kind support that you always give us.

Team AG! X


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