Your Permanent Brow Appointment

Your appointment will be completely bespoke and we will design your brows so that they are perfectly suited to you.

So while every set of brows are individual we still follow the same steps to create them.

  • We will then discuss what type of brows you would like, including colour, shape and overall look. You can bring in pictures of brows that you like or simply take our advice and let us create the perfect brow for you. We will measure your facial dimensions and brows so that we are able to give you a result that is most flattering for your bone structure.
  • We will pencil on the brows at this stage, so you check and make sure you are happy with the shape and size of the brow.
  • We will choose a pigment that suits your skin and colouring
  • Anaesthetic will be applied to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment. The sensation differs from person to person, but most commonly it tends to feel a little ‘scratchy’, although this will ease as the anaesthetic works. We will replicate the appearance of actual hairs in the skin.
  • We will ask you to visit the boutique again in 4-6 weeks following this treatment as your colour will fade by more than 50%. Some clients retain the prigment in the skin more so than others. At your follow up appointment we can add more colour if necessary and make any slight adjustments if needed.
  • We recommend that our clients come back at least once a year for an annual retouch to keep the colour refreshed.


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