Winter Skin Sorted!

 It’s a wonderful time of year. On the brink of December with plans of family gatherings, catching up with old friends and Christmas parties filling your diary there’s lots to be excited about.

In these winter months, as our social calendars are fit to burst we want to look our best. However with a combination of low humidity, central heating and limited sunlight you might start to notice a change in your once glowing summer skin.

Staying in and wrapping yourself in layers might make you feel cosy, but all this artificial heating can play havoc with your skin leaving you dehydrated and congested. Many people notice their skin having a grey, lack luster appearance during the winter, but a few changes to your seasonal  skin care you can ensure you will be glowing at the next Christmas gathering!

Let’s begin with something you’re probably bored of hearing, but needs to be said – make sure you’re drinking enough water! Seeing your breath as you’re trudging through the cold is a cue to remember that in this weather your skin is losing moisture. Our thirst indicators are lowest in the winter, so even though you might not feel like it, your body will thank you for staying hydrated.

Exfoliation shouldn’t be saved for your summer tanning routine. During the winter your skin becomes weaker and the speed at which it regenerates and repairs itself slows down. This leads to a build up of dead skin cells on the skins top layer, blocking moisturisers from being able to work effectively.

Using a good exfoliater will give you back your glow, as well as ensuring the products you’re using afterwards are doing their job.

Once you’ve prepared your skin, it’s time to moisturize!

One key ingredient you need to be on the look out for when picking a moisturizer is hyaluronic acid.

Choosing something which contains mixed weight hyaluronic acid molecules will hydrate not only the surface, but the deeper layers of your skin. This results in a plumped, hydrated youthful complexion.

By making a few easy changes to your skincare you can banish the winter blues and get glowing for the party season!

Here are some products we’re loving…



#PassOnPlastic Reusable Range

Sky Ocean Rescue and Project 0 have joined forces to help stop our oceans from drowning in plastic. The #PassOnPlastic Reusable Range is designed to help you stop using the top five worst culprits of single-use plastic in your everyday life. All proceeds will go to Sky UK’s ocean health partners. We will donate 75% of the proceeds to WWF-UK (and we’ll donate £10,000 no matter what). 25% of the profits will go to Project 0.



Skyendor Derma Peel Pro Cream (available to purchase in the Boutique)

Exfoliating cream with alpha hydroxy acids and biological peptides. Stimulates the generation of new skin -epidermis- that is smoother and more luminous. SPF20



Power HA Intensive Moisturizing Cream 50ML ( available to purchase in the Boutique)

100% Ultra moisturizing, providing 24 hours of continuous hydration. Improves the appearance of wrinkles caused by dehydration and the appearance of micro relief and cutaneous wrinkles. With Hyaluronic Acid of very low and very high molecular weight, Sunflower extract and Xylitol.


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