Winter Routine – How to get a good night’s sleep!

A good night’s sleep! What’s better!? This is your first and most important step to a healthy, glowing skin! During this time your skin is working away to repair itself by replacing old skin cells with new shiny ones, and the body’s working to recharge your battery’s ready for a new day ahead!

So where possible try following these few steps to help you drift off to a good night’s sleep…

Take a Bath

Stop and soak! Open that bath soak that’s sat on the side doing nothing but looking pretty for far too long, get out your favourite festive candles and melt into a nice hot, steamy bath – Bliss!


Researchers say that on average 20% of people have a better quality of sleep when in a lavender- scented room, well that’s good enough for me! There’s lots of different way you can use essential oils from putting a few drops into the bath, massaging into the skin or on your pillow.

Make sure you read the label first as each essential oil is different and will always have contra-indications. It’s also a good idea to do a patch test, apply 1-2 drops on the inner elbow and leave for 24 hours.

A comfortable surrounding

A cool bedroom with dim lighting and a peaceful atmosphere is best.

Hot water bottle

Sleep researchers at the Sleep Laboratory in Basel found that a hot water bottle at the feet switches the body’s sleep mechanism on. If your hands and feet are cold you are more likely to suffer from restlessness and insomnia.


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