Which supplement pills are the best?

Flicking through our latest copy of Women’s Health here at The Beauty Boutique we came across an interesting article called ’25 best and worst pills’

All being supplement addicts, we found it very informative and definitely recommend the read.. If you don’t get the chance we’ve summarised the top 5 best and worst.

Best for Fitness
Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
If you want to train harder and tone up quicker, pop one of these. They aid muscle repair and raise blood flow to improve your performance.

Best for weight
This humble spice helps lower blood pressure, balance blood sugar levels and fight cravings.

Best for female health
Starflower oil
Starflower contains more of the active PMS- reducing ingrediant GLA than the usual PMS remedy evening primrose oil

Best for General Health
Vitamin B Complex
Nothing B-list about these B vitamins. They aid in converting food into energy. Plus, in the long run, it has protective effects against degenerative brain conditions, such as dementia and Alzheimers.

Best for Beauty
Hyaluronic Acid
Naturally found in the skin, this molecule attracts and holds water, helping plump up fine lines and wrinkles that appear as the years tick by.

The Pills they say to avoid at all costs

Raspberry Ketones
There’s zero evidence to confirm these promote weight loss in humans

Research suggests supplements may increase cardiovascular disease risk.ย Stick to milk instead

St Johns Wort
This can speed the breakdown of many prescription drugs (including antidepressants) and reduce their effectiveness

Vitamin E
Unless you’ve been diagnosed with a Vitamin E deficiency, avoid it as it can lead to thrombosis and blood clots

Vitamin A
This immunity vitamin is easy to OD on, as its present in a variety of foods and multivitamins. High levels can cause liver damage.


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