What is Xanthelasma?

Here in the skin clinic, our advanced blemish removal treatment is as popular as ever. We can remove unwanted skin blemishes such as skin tags, thread veins, blood spots and milia.

Another skin blemish that we can treat is something called ‘Xanthelasma’. These are commonly seen on the eyelids under the surface of the skin in yellow bumpy patches. These are fatty deposits of cholesterol. They are mostly common in middle-aged to older women or if the your cholesterol levels are high.

Xanthelasma is usually harmless but can be a sign of an underlying heath condition and in very rare cases they can be an early sign of heart disease. It’s always best to get checked by your GP with any new skin blemishes that appear, but in most cases there is then a treatment that can help remove them.

One effective way of removing them is using a gentle ‘Diathermy’ current which is created from heat. This is used with our Sterex machine and more often than not, a single treatment is all that is needed leaving little to no marking on the skin. Its safe, quick and effective.

A thorough consultation and patch test takes place first to make sure you are suitable for the treatment.



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