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A common problem with shaving and waxing can be ingrowing hairs which can be irritating and painful.

There are many products on the market to help with this and because of that it can become a minefield when choosing the right one for you.

For all our waxing needs we use luxury brand Perron Rigot to ”de fuzz’ our clients and alongside their wax they offer two amazing products to combat this pesky problem.

Perron Rigot Serum & Exfoliator

Both can be used as a preventative and to cure existing ingrown hairs.

The serum helps to encourage hairs to break the surface of the skin and also acts as a preventative as 9 in 10 women report that they have found fewer ingrown hairs after using this.

The exfoliator is double action and is great for prepping the skin before waxing and as a maintenance product to avoid them re appearing!

Both are available to purchase at the e.m.skin clinic & beauty salon.



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