Wax training Colchester- Amy & Charlotte support local college

So today Amy & Charlotte headed out of the Boutique and spent a few hours with the girls at the Colchester Insitute, supporting their first ever wax training and introduction to this area of the beauty industry.

This was Amy and Charlotte’s first step out of the boutique to bring awareness to their newly launched Intimate Waxing course. Having been in the making throughout the last year, the manual they have created takes ย into account all their own training experiences and brings together their knowledge and abilities , creating a course designed by therapists for therapists to ensure they begin their intimate wax journey with the very best knowledge and skills.

The Colchester Institute do an amazing job with the girls but a level 2 qualification consists of minimal training in waxing and therefore therapists are reliant on seeking further education to ensure their skills are honed and they can provide the best level of service.

Intimate waxing is a skill most learnt by therapists who have a little industry experience already and are looking to advance their treatments.

We believe empowering therapists through advanced education. We strive to being a higher level of service and professionalism to the skincare and beauty industryย and are so excited that we are accredited and recognised to do so.

Of course for clients this is just another reason why you can rest assured that you will always get the very best wax as we train all our own as well!!!

Keep Waxing!



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