Top tips to a longer lasting foundation from our makeup experts!

Its only just hit lunch time and your back in the bathroom touching up your makeup! When you applied it this morning it looked so flawless and fresh! What happened!? Dehydrated and oily skin is something we all experience and as the weather gets colder, even those without skin issues can still have a hard time keeping their make up on all day!

After chatting to our makeup expert in The Boutique I’ve put together a list of our combined top tips and secrets to help you keep your makeup looking great from dusk till dawn!


When you’ve got a full face of foundation on your skin will dry out throughout the day.

The first step to help this is to exfoliate. Once you’ve got rid of that build-up of dry skin, your foundation will sit much smoother and will be less likely to cake together.


Even with an oily skin type, you must still moisturise. Try finding yourself a balancing moisturiser or one for oily skin. Moisturiser is not on crucial for beautiful skin but also for long lasting foundation! (just make sure its fully absorbed into the skin before you start the next stage)


Priming is the secret holy grail of makeup gurus! A primer will give your make up a base to hold onto and smooth out any imperfections before you start applying your foundation. We love Laura Mercier Primer available in oil free, hydrating and many more!

Use the right applicator

There are so many application methods out there and there is no right or wrong answer, you just need to find what suits you and your foundation.

Fingers are great as you don’t waste to much product but I find you can end up moving the makeup around the face and its not a great method for coverage. Also, if your suffering with oily congested skin you can end up spreading more bacteria onto your face so make sure you give your hands a good wash before you start!

Foundation brushes are great with the right foundation, just make sure you buy a good brush to do the job.

Beauty blenders seem to be the most popular method of application and we can defiantly see why! A beauty blender is a small sponge that applies coverage evenly and will soak up any excess foundation which can lead to ‘cakiness’.

Finishing/Setting powder

Once you’ve finished applying your foundation and before you apply any others powders, blusher etc apply a finishing powder. This will set your make up and make it last much longer.

Finishing powder is particularly good for oily skin as its mattifying. Apply it to your oilier areas, T-zone, inner cheeks and chin. This way your oily areas will be kept under control whist your other areas can remain beautifully glowing!


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