The Prana Mat……Our thoughts

Health and wellbeing of our team is something we take very seriously at clinic & beauty and looking at ways of de stressing and relaxing in quiet times and in between clients is something we look to do.

So with instagram on an all time high about the ‘Prana Mat’ we just had to try it!

No to begin with the concept of this is hard to get your head around as quite frankly it can be painful, but once you settle in and allow yourself to relax it seems the health benefits speak volumes.

Pranamat ECO harnesses the wisdom of Eastern tradition and the power of pioneering technology to make home-massage widely available, for truly life-enhancing results.

ThePranamat ECO is said to:

  • Foster body-wide relaxation and brings a feeling of calm to the mind.
  • Promotes restful sleep, allowing for powerful regeneration.
  • Creates lasting feelings of joy, harmony, and peace.

We are yet to build this into our daily routines at the Boutique and are therefore waiting to see the real benefits of what it can do.

Will keep you posted!


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