Whats natural about our Vita Liberata Tan

Vita Liberata tan is the purest in the tanning world. Made by using natural, certified organic and Ecocert ingredients, Vita Liberata nourishes the skin ensuring your glow looks radiant and fades patch-free, just like a natural suntan.

With zero parabens, preservatives or nasty chemicals that can dry out your skin. Vita Liberata gives you a 100% healthy, worry free tan all year round!

So what natural ingredients go into Vita Liberatas tan?

Aloe Vera

The extract from this plant is full of vitamin C and E and has a lot of skin benefits including anti-ageing properties that improve the skins firmness. It also hydrates, moisturises and conditions to give you softer, younger looking skin!


A powerful antioxidant that protects skin from damaging free radicals and helps fight premature ageing. Cucumber extract also contains vitamin B-5, a compound that helps skin retain its moisture, helping you skin hydrated and maintain your glow for longer.


Lychee extract is a great source of vitamins A & B which both have powerful antioxidants and anti-aging qualities. Vitamin c helps boost collagen production, meaning plumper more youthful looking skin, and vitamin B helps retain moisture to help your glow fade naturally.


This vibrant red superfood contains microbial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Packed full of anti-oxidants, the extract helps to neutralize free radicals helping your skin resist the ageing process caused by everyday pollutants.


With extracts of A & C this super smart vitamin helps prevent wrinkles and increase collagen production โ€“ amazing!


Papaya extract is bursting with vitamin C, our favourite source of anti-oxidant, and a must have at building and producing collagen โ€“ the natural way for firmer plumper looking skin.


This little berry may be small but it has powerful skin conditioning benefits! In fact it ranks almost the highest fruit in anti-oxidant strength! Thanks to this there are many repairing, conditioning and moisturising qualities associated with this super berry. Think younger, brighter looking skin and a natural glowing tan!


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