The Do’s and the Don’ts for flawless skin

This week i’m going to to share some of my most simple, cost free beauty tips for the easiest and most effective beautiful skin.

The Golden Rule

Always remove your make up before you go to bed.

Cleanse your skin twice to make sure all your make up has been removed. Removing all of your make up at night time means your skin will be able to breathe properly. Not cleansing your skin before bed time or not removing make up properly can lead to congestion problems and bad skin health.

Protect your skinย 

Apply a SPF to your face everyday. If you wear a foundation or a tinted moisturiser, try and find one that includes an SPF that way you don’t need to worry about adding another product into your beauty regime!

Even with a good sun factor on your face its best to keep your face out of the sun when you can. Treat yourself to a big floppy hat, they are so in right now, which is great news, because there not only chic and fashionable, they are super practical too!

Eat good, Feel great

They do say ‘you are what you eat’ and for me this couldn’t be more true!

A diet rich in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar promotes radiant, healthy skin.

Beauty Sleep is key

Try and get at least 8 hours shut eye every night. Not having enough sleep will make your skin look tired and dull. Apply a good night time moisturizer and serum before you hit the sack for brighter heather looking skin in the morning. – I use the Power Hyaluronics range from Skeyndor which I absolutely love & can always rely on to keep my skin looking and feeling great.

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Laura x


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