The Detox Myth…

For many people January is a time for resolutions and forming new, healthier habits. 

Detox programmes have become increasingly popular, with people viewing them as a quick post Christmas fix. But can a detox really undo the damage already caused?


Detoxing can undo damage caused by poor lifestyle choices? –

 Unfortunately, a week long detox will not reverse previous weeks of unhealthy living!

Juicing is a good way to detox – 

Most juice diets are calorie restrictive and provide very little protein, which will slow down the bodies metabolism rate. If your juice is fruit based you will also be consuming a large amount of sugar which can lead to fluctuations in blood sugar levels.


Simple diet improvements and good food choices can support detoxification –

Fibre naturally present in many foods will bind to toxins and help remove them from the body. (Just make sure your diet has lots of fibre in it!)

Water is everything! –

 Drinking water, and lots of it! Is the simplest, most effective choice you can make! Water will improve our digestion and help to efficiently flush out the toxins that our currently in our bodies!

(Try and opt for filtered water where possible).


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