Tea Pigs Tea Toddies

When the temperature drops and the urge to start eating everything in sight becomes too much – you know it’s tea season.


Whether you opt for apple and cinnamon tea or a frothy chai latte – it’s been scientifically proven that tea based lattes can help you beat the winter blues!


Winter nights just got interesting…

Did you know you can use your tea pig’s tea to make the perfect winter cocktails!

That’s right, tea AND booze – truly the Beyoncé and Jay Z of the beverage world. Our tea temples contain lots of all natural, full-of-flavour ingredients; whole leaf teas, real pieces of fruit, spices and herbs which are perfect for cocktail and toddy making.

Whether you’re tucked up on the sofa with a movie or throwing a Christmas bash, tea pigs tea toddies will become your new best winter companion in no time!


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