Stop Frowning!

There are many reasons why people frown….. Anger, depression, stress, tiredness, frustration…….. I could go on.

But really the truth of it is that people live such stressful lives now that most people do not realise just how much they frown. Frowning actually uses more energy than smiling.

 Here are some reasons for you to turn that frown upside down people……

  • Frowning affects the skin in between and around your eyes and gives you wrinkles
  • You use more muscles to frown than you do to smile so really by frowning you are making life that little bit harder
  • People who smile more statistically have more friends than people who frown
  • You will have to spend more money in the long run on creams and treatments to reduce lines when you could buy yourself an extra pairs of shoes and a new handbag now!
  • Frowning generally makes you look older that your age
  • Frowning increases the amount of headaches you will get. Relax those muscles and have a nice cup of tea.

So try smiling…. We believe you will instantly look and feel more attractive!


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