Silk or Mink Lashes?

Hi Ladies,

So many of you have been asking about the difference between our Mink and Silk individual lash extensions and here’s the secret!

Silk Lashes are a synthetic lash and one of our most popular used. The silk lashes give more of a mascara finish to the final look without having to apply any. These lashes are most affective for clients looking for volume and a touch of glamour. Most natural lashes will be suitable for Silk extensions as they come in a variety of lengths and thickness, however, they can sometimes be too heavy for those clients with finer lashes.

Mink Lashes are a natural fibre which feel like a silk sheet making them the most natural looking and lightweight lash extensions. Mink lashes are great for clients wanting a very natural or soft look as they feel and look just like your own. From previous feedback and experience the mink lashes tend to have a longer life than the silk due to them being so light on the natural lashes even as they grow out. These are very effective for clients with very fine lashes or anyone wanting a soft fluttery look. To create a fuller look the Mink lashes can be layered to give a more glamorous finish making them suitable for almost anyone!

So ladies I hope this little Blog has helped you in deciding what lashes are best for you to add that little bit of extra ‘WOW’ factor to everyday!

Sian x


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