Amy visits London to try out Profhilo

On Friday Amy set off to meet our Nurse Emma in London to try out Profhilo for herself before the official launch on December 13th 2019 when Nurse Emma will add this to her treatment list alongside our advanced skincare treatments and products.

After battling through the traffic of London she got to Harley street just in time for Emma to provide her with the initial treatment of Profhilo. The treatment is fairly brief and is injected into 5 injection points on either sides of the face.

Numbing cream is not used in this treatment and although it is not pain free the pain is bearable. Immediately after small lumps appear at the injection site but these go down very quickly if not immediately.

Ultimately results will be seen within the next 4 weeks as the second round of treatment which is 4 weeks later solidifies the results so it’s a case of watch this space to see the results for yourself!!

As with everything more visible results can be seen on someones skin who has lost more elasticity and volume and that can carry a crepey appearance but the recommended minimum age is 30 as prevention is generally better.

Recently IMOGEN EDWARDS-JONES blogged about her before and after thoughts on Profhilo and here are a few snippets of what she had to say.

This never happens to me. No, really, hand on heart, not actually… ever.

Mainly because I have a face like Bagpuss after a night out on the Rothmans and Mescal, but I can swear, honestly, I have never been pulled aside by a breathless friend and asked what my ‘secret’ was.

However, 46 minutes ago precisely, today, that’s exactly what took place.

I was dropping off my son for the final ‘playdate’ of the hideous, endless, thankless Christmas season, counting the hours before I could go back to bed and forget that I was not drinking alcohol, eating sugar or even letting a teeny tiny bit of carb past my miserable lips, when my friend, Belinda (not her real name) said something totally out of the blue.

“What’s happened to your skin?” she asked her head cocked to one side, as I stood on the threshold, the one shaft of January sunshine highlighting my moustache.

“My skin?” I was playing dumb.

“It looks all shiny and smooth and plump,” she added, managing to frown as she craned forward for a closer look (she clearly hadn’t updated her Botox over the Season).

I was tempted to lie, of course, and say it was the lack of booze (although I am not sure one night off really constitutes ‘dry January’) but I like Belinda (not her real name) she’s a good friend and I’m a Sister and if you’ve stumbled across the Holy Grail of skincare then it is kind of your duty, to the movement, to share.

“Oh this,” I said, patting my plump little cheek. “This is Profhilo.”

“Oh my God!” replied Belinda (not her real name). “I’m booked in to do that next week! Is it any good?”

Well, the long and short of it all is that Profhilo is not just good, it’s marvellous! And it is taking the beauty world by storm. Simply everyone is doing it, darling – even Belinda (not her real name) – next week. Frankly, it’s kicked bitchy old Botox into touch and it’s rapidly taking the fillers’ crown. It’s the ultimate pick-me-up-and-make-me-look-a-helluva-lot-better treatment for anyone over 30 who’s ever thought they need to go on holiday for a rest.

Except it’s better than looking well rested. The result is a dewy, healthy, slightly plumper looking glow that takes a good five years off your face.

Essentially a moisturiser that is administered subcutaneously in two different sessions a month apart, 

Launched by IBSA Pharma, one of the largest privately-owned pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland, Profhilo is so new that it has yet to cross the Pond, meaning that any US beauty junkie worth her silk sleep-mask has been hot-footing over here just to get her hands, neck, face or indeed apparently ‘mummy tummy’ injected with some.

And it’s not a weepingly painful process.


And then… you have to wait. The first treatment can make a slight difference. You look a little perkier and I imagine if you were to do your hands, or your crêpey neck these might react a little sooner as they get so little TLC. But with my face, it was only after the second treatment that I really began to notice. My skin felt plumper, tighter and it looked fresh and young and it developed a sheen as if I was wearing one of those slightly reflective foundations or a highlighter. Except I wasn’t.

Before and after treatment

Where it really shone was my cheekbones. The skin around the eyes looked much better and zingier. However, Profhilo doesn’t fill heavy lines, although it’s good for the accordion lines and great for firming up the marionette area, especially if you’ve had acne in the past. It is also brilliant for the old crepey turtle neck for those of us who have no wish look as if we reside in the Galapagos.


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