Plump up your lips

Do you wish you had plump lips? But are you too worried to have filler?

If so then use these handy tips at home to get you on your way to that gorgeous pout we all long for….

1. Exfoliate your lips 2 times per week. Mix a small about of brown sugar and honey together. Thoroughly exfoliate for 3 minutes and then rinse off.

2. Keep yourself and your lips hydrate. Drinking lots of water helps to keep as much moisture in your skin as possible including your lips. By using a product for your lips which contains hyaluronic acid helps to draw water to the area and plump the lips.

3. When showering apply petroleum jelly around the lip area but NOT onto the lips. This then forces you lips to absorb as much hydration in the shower as possible. Leaving them looking soft, hydrated, and kissable.

4. Use a good lip serum, apply to the lips, then use a hair dryer on the area for 30 second to speed up and intensify absorption of the product.

5. Using a good lip liner, line the lips gently and very faintly just past the natural lip line, this is important that this is done very subtly and blended so that you do not get visible lip lines but just an amazing pair of lips!

6. In the centre of the lower lip apply a small amount of gold or silver eye shadow and blend in to make the area look more voluptuous.

With these handy homecare tips you should achieve lips that get people talkingโ€ฆ..

With love

Anna x


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