Our Dedication to training and development

Here at AMY GORDON we continue to develop ourselves every step of the way and pride ourselves that our continuous training both in and out of house allows us to be the very best and offer the very latest treatments, being advanced in everything we do.

Most recently the senior members of the team undertook Level 4 advanced training in Anatomy and Physiology and Micro-needling, all of which can be submitted towards master degrees giving us further knowledge in this fast changing industry.

Our Skin Clinic is a place where you can visit and rest assured that our skin specialists have had the latest advanced training and where we continue to train with our brands and Aesthetic training companies for both generalized and brand driven training.

In the beauty side of the business, we are so passionate about training that in 2019 we were awarded accreditation for a course written by ourselves so we can share our our knowledge in our hot waxing techniques, we will continue to grow this area so we can help develop the next generation of therapists coming through.

Alongside this we continue to support the local college and attend some of their workshops and chat to course attendees about the industry and how they can achieve.



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