Nicole Scherzinger rocks High Defintion Brows

High Definition Brow founder and Brow Queen, Nilam holmes-patel talks about when she met Nicole and her brow journey  – ‘When I met Nicole Scherzinger in 2012, I enquired after her brows. “Nobody touches them, ever!” she said. “I don’t want anyone to. I do them myself.”

Clearly, that was until she met Nilam Patel, the woman behind High Defintion Brows, a 7-step ‘eyebrow makeover’ that’s quietly been taking over the universe. Since she got her hands on Nicole backstage at the X factor the singer’s been hooked. “I convinced her to try a fuller brow,” Nilam says. “Nicole insisted her brows wouldn’t grow in, but I told her they would. I also told her to ‘fake it until you make it,’ which has become one of my mottos. With the right treatment and products, anyone can have amazing brows.”

Featured in Cosmopolitan



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