My personal experience of Lip Fillers

Having wanted dermal lip fillers for years I was very excited when Amy announced that Emma Millam, our Nurse Practitioner was going to be joining our team! Emma has been a registered nurse for over 15 years, she trained at Harley Street in Facial Aesthetics completing courses in basic and advanced Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers, Mesotherapy, Fractional Mesotherapy, Derma Rolling, PRP and Chemical Skin Peels. Knowing how much experience Emma had completely put my mind at ease!

During my free consultation we discussed exactly what I wanted from the treatment, which was to have fuller but natural looking lips. Emma gave me her professional opinion and advice on what she thought would suit me, which was to start off with a small amount as i’d not had any aesthetic procedures before. She gave me a consultation form to look at and fill in at home, I then booked my treatment in for 2 weeks later!

 I was feeling really excited but also nervous before having the treatment but once I got into the room Emma made me feel really comfortable. She told me that I could have anaesthetic to numb my lips so I didn’t feel anything but I thought I’d be brave and try it without!

Emma reassured me that if I was finding it uncomfortable during the procedure I could opt for the anaesthetic then. Firstly she thoroughly cleansed my lips and then put an ice pack on them to help with any swelling. A small needle was then used to apply the filler, I had the majority put in the top lip then a small amount in the bottom lip to create a balanced look.

The needle felt slightly uncomfortable for a few seconds but not painful, and I felt Emma’s years of experience showed through with this. It only took about 10-15 minutes to complete the treatment.

When I looked in the mirror afterwards I couldn’t believe how good they looked! They were slightly red but not sore and I could see a difference instantly! Emma told me they could look swollen for up to a week afterwards and I could use an ice pack to calm the swelling down but even with a little bit of swelling they still looked great! My swelling has now completely gone down and I now feel they are now a true feature on my face.

I love my lips! and am more than happy to discuss it with any clients wishing to find out more about the procedure and about how lip fillers can be done the natural way so as to simply enhance what you have rather than create a pout that perhaps is most thought of when lip fillers are mentioned.

 Susie x


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