My first HD Brow experience

We recently asked a client of ours to write a true and honest account of their experience with their first HD Brows treatment.

This is what she had to say….

Having never paid much attention to my brows I was excited and apprehensive to have my first HD brow treatment at The Beauty Boutique.

After having my patch test a couple of days before hand and filling in a consultation form, I was ready for my transformation. Firstly the salon was stunning, so much attention had been paid to every single detail and I had a lovely Nespresso Latte on arrival.

Susie took me through and first of all sat with me and discussed exactly what kind of look I was hoping to achieve, talking through exactly what is an HD brow treatment.

HD Brows is a combination of waxing, treading, tinting, tweezing, pencil and powder to create the best brows to suit your face. Every person is different and there are no set templates or stencils to go by as each therapist has been specially trained to be able to identify face shapes and offer advice on an individual basis.

I explained how I was after a very natural look and after pointing out some inspiration images from the HD book we started. I was pleasantly surprised how the waxing didn’t hurt at all, no more than my awkward tweezing every now and again and the results were instantly noticeable.

I really felt Susie took every care and consideration over every hair and this is one treatment I think being a perfectionist is a help not a hindrance. After finishing the brow I was amazed at how they looked and changed the whole look of my face. The treatment opened up my eyes, enhancing my natural beauty by just tidying up and paying a bit of attention to what brows I already had.

I was straight away sending photos to my family and friends and the new look got a big thumbs up all round. I have to admit, seeing how much of a difference good brows can make I don’t think I could now be without.

Thank you Susie and The Beauty Boutique in showing me the High Definition light!

Shelly x


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