MAC Masterclass Brush Collection

We spotted these in Allure magazine a couple of months back and have been desperate for some news on them in the UK ever since. These amazing, completely new and totally different brushes, are the brand new MAC Masterclass Brush Collection.To us they slightly resembled toothbrushes when we first laid eyes on them, and then we realised, these are seriously big news!

MAC’s Artist Training and Development team spent a lot of time thinking about how to re-design a make up brush for even better results than we ever thought possible. This is all about making self-application effortless and also taking into account how brushes are used differently depending on whether you are right or left handed.

All the brushes in the MAC Master Class Collection are designed to run parallel to the face (like we hold a toothbrush). The handles are made of durable yet flexible metallized plastic composite handles and have rubberised grips for comfort. The bristles are a new type of synthetic bristle, ”Cosmefibre” which is super dense and lends itself to flawless application.

MAC says, “There are three distinct voids that these brushes fill”. The first is the need for a brush that makes self-application less intimidating to the first-time consumer. Secondly, there is a need for new synthetic fibres that feel natural, but that deliver the beautiful and perfectly blended results of high-end bristles.

Make-up Artist Brushes have not changed dramatically in general appearance and construction for the past several hundred years, and these new brushes will help take the Make-up Artistry Tool into the future.




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