Look after your Lash Extensions

SO you have taken the plunge and are enjoying a beautiful set of expert lash extensions. You feel fantastic in  the mornings as there is no need for mascara and it really has given you a lift and your feeling fab…..

BUT do you know how to take care of them? If the answer is no then you should.

We recommend our clients to always aim for a look which caters to your natural lash. Always taking into account the health of a natural lash and therefore only increasing a touch on the length and encouraging our clients with sparser lashes to go for a gentler, natural look such as Tahitian lashes or indeed classic lashes.

Most eyelashes have a relatively short growth cycle of hair and this is why they do not continue to grow like the hair on our head for instance.

We recommend our clients to keep their lashes clean! This is so important to maintain healthy, strong lashes. Many clients believe that cleaning the lashes daily may mean they will not last as long.  This is not true and in fact at infills if your lashes are clean then it is far more likely that your infill will last longer. Although we will cleanse the lashes before application it is very difficult once make up and sleep has built up over a period of time. This also avoids the onset of something such as Blepharitus.

In between lash extensions and when you are having a break, use a lash serum to keep your lashes conditioned and healthy ready for your next set. You could also use a lash growth product at night time to encourage your lashes that little bit more.

We recommend our clients to take breaks between extensions to give your natural lashes time to replenish. As trained technicians who want you to take the best care of your lashes we advise you to have a full removal after a few in-fill sessions to ensure your lashes remain healthy and strong and a break of around 1 month before getting your next beautiful set!


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