Finally, Say goodbye to unwanted hair!

Are you fed up with waxing and shaving?

Unwanted hair can be irritating, embarrassing and time consuming. Intense pulsed light or ‘IPL’ hair removal provides a quick and painless solution to unwanted hair with permanent reduction in hair growth that simply can’t be achieved by conventional methods.

What is IPL?
Intense pulsed light is an alternative to conventional hair removal techniques such as waxing, depilating and shaving. IPL targets and disables hair at the follicle to give a permanent reduction in hair growth.

How many treatments do I need?
Hair growth happens in three different phases and permanent results achieved during one particular phase. This means typically a course of 6-10 treatment will be needed to see the best results. Facial hair is affected by hormonal imbalances and so we advise 10-12 treatments may be required.

Am I suitable for treatment?
Your Therapist will carry out a comprehensive consultation and patch test and they will advise you of the results you can expect to achieve. IPL is proven to work on almost all skin types except very dark skin.

How does it feel?
Most people liken the feeling to being flicked by an elastic band. The IPL system uses a special cooling handset applied to the skin prior to treatment and is infinitely more comfortable that other methods like waxing, laser or electrolysis.


Launching at The Beauty Boutique this September 2017!

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