Intimate Waxing….The Nitty Gritty

Here at the Boutique we have been trained by the best intimate waxer around, the ‘Wax Queen” herself, Kim Lawless and use the very best wax we can find being Perron Rigot

Recently she has appeared in both Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar magazines offering tips and advice about waxing. So with the best waxing techniques around here are some tips and advice for you about your intimate waxing with us…

  • Prepare the skin before your waxing appointment. This goes for legs,underarms and the bikini area…gently exfoliate and moisturise a week to 2 weeks before to help aid the hairs being easily pulled out from the root.
  • Leave your hairs to grow! Really you need a minimum of 4 weeks hair growth to get a clean smooth finish and for the results to last longer! No shaving in between ladies…this will hurt more when you come to your wax appointment. Ouch!
  • Leave it to the professionals! Try to avoid waxing yourself at home…it may be cheaper but you are at more risk to skin bruising!
  • Only accept hot wax! For Hollywood and Brazilian waxing you should only have hot wax, this is the thick wax that is removed just with the therapists hands rather than a strip. It’s designed especially for intimate areas and is a lot more comfortable than strip wax.
  • Dont swim for 24 hours after your wax. Keep moisturising while on holiday as pool and sea water can be very drying. Follow with our aftercare after your waxing appointment
  • Keep up with your waxing appointments. Be sure to make your next appointment before you leave…we recommend leaving it between 4-6 weeks for your next wax…keep it up and your hairs will become finer, weaker and start to become patchy and grow less..promise!


If you are yet to embark on a Hollywood or Brazilian wax ….go on try it! Once you have you won’t look back….

Laura x


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