Home use Gel Nail kits – The low down

The British Association of Dermatologists has reported a surge in the number of people coming forward with allergies as a result of home-use gel-polish and acrylic nail kits.

BBC Radio 4โ€™s consumer affairs programme You and Yours aired an investigation last week into serious allergic reactions from the kits, after high-street chemist Boots said it had withdrawn one brand of gel-polish kit from sale while it checked over the labelling.

President of the British Society of Cutaneous Allergies, Jason Williams said problems often arise when consumers mix and match components from different kits and systems and use lamps with unsuitable configurations for the products they are used to cure, believing that every UV or LED lamp is the same.

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1 14+ days of high-performance wear
2 Stunning crystal shine
3 Zero dry time
4 Amazing 5-minute removal
5 No nail damage

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