Get the ‘Lash feel good factor’ at home this Christmas.

Christmas will soon be upon us and the Christmas preparations have certainly begun in the boutique.

About this time of year we would all be organising our staff Christmas parties and getting our glamorous party dresses bought, but as we all know the party season may not be the same this year, sad face ๐Ÿ™ .

With this in mind we think it is still important for us all to have the look and feel good factor at home for the ‘different’ Christmas season that is happening this year.

Let’s talk lashes…..

Whether you are a loyal lash connoisseur or a lash extension virgin there is a lash treatment for everyone. You can go all out and have full on bold fluffy lashes or you can go for the more natural lash look using a fine lash extension…or even use no extension and opt for a lash lift for your own lashes.

With our lash extension treatments, we use a variety of lengths, thicknesses and lash curls all of which will be decided on during your consultation, and depending on the lash treatment you have chosen.

The idea behind having a selection of different lash curls is so that a range of desired looks can be achieved, this all depends on what the clients needs are and the suitability of that lash type to the clients natural lash.

What lash curls we offer….

C – The most common curl, most peoples natural lash is similar.

CC – A more extreme curl than the C.

D – A dramatic and visible, deep upward sloping curl.

L – Ideal for clients with hooded eyelids and flat lashes, gives an upward curl.

M – Creates an accentuated flick at the end of the lashes.


This is our lovely Charlotte showing off our M curl lash.


Please do not worry if you feel slightly overwhelmed by all the lash curl types and are unsure of which one to choose. Our lash experts are able to create bespoke sets of eyelash treatments to suit all and are always here to help you achieve the look you desire.

As soon as we can re-open or lash experts will be back creating lovely sets of lashes to get everyone ‘Christmas at home’ ready!







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