From one Bride to another (Bride to Be)

Wedding season is in full swing and we are really enjoying seeing lots of lovely brides coming into the boutique and pampering yourselves ready for your big day.

Having got married myself last year I was given lots of tips and advice about the run up to the day and for the evening. You will be feeling excited, nervous, and have a tummy full of butterflies so let me share a few tips with you.

  1. Eat a healthy meal the night before -although you may feel like you can’t eat much from fear about fitting into your dress it’s fine, the dress fits, you have had your alterations done. Try to eat a little something.

  3. Drink lots of water. Keep a glass of water close by, next to your glass of wine. Keeping hydrated will ensure glowing skin for your big day and avoid a headache from any stress you may be feeling.

  5. Get a good night’s sleep- Have a fun relaxing evening with friends and family but remember to get into bed at a reasonable time, it’s a long day ahead!

  7. Turn your phone on silent- Your Facebook and messages will be going crazy with good wishes and excited friends…phone on silent to get a good night’s sleep

  9. Remember to pack a pair of flip flops for the reception- By the reception your feet will be aching and you have lots of dancing to do in the evening so a pair of flip flops will feel like heaven later on.

  11. Most of all….remember to enjoy every second of the build up, the night before and the wedding day itself….it goes soooo quickly it’s true what they say! It’s the best feeling and the day itself is amazing!


A little bit of advice from one bride to another!

Good luck ladies and Congratulations!

Laura Xxx


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