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Running might not be up everyone’s street, but the Nike Women’s 10K run in London on Sunday June 21 might just tempt you to rediscover your trainers. Why? To start with, you receive a bespoke Alex Monroe “finisher” necklace for making it over the finishing line (an incentive if ever we heard one), but you can also create your own running crew to help train and run the 10K with.

If you’re struggling to think of how you’ll get around the course, we’ve heard there’ll be plenty to entertain such as music pumping out throughout and you’ll be in good company with fitness addict Ellie Goulding.

There are hundreds of other charities taking part some of whom may have places available to you in return for a sponsorship pledge. Likewise if the charity of your choice is not taking part  you can still enter as an individual and raise funds for the charity of your personal choice by creating a Just Giving fundraising page.

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