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The Defined, Natural Brow.

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Possibly the most popular HD Brow finish.

The perfect style for those who want a ‘done’ brow but with a more natural, wearable finish.

Finishing a Brow can be very personal so its important you (along with your HD Brow Stylist) choose the right style to compliment your face and features.

This brow was finished using our HD Browtec pencil.


  • Powder around the brow to create aย perfectly flawless canvas.
  • Start by brushing the brows into place with the opposite end of your Browtec pencil.
  • Starting at the front of the brow, draw a very fine straight line to the arch, then to the tail. Both above and below, stretching as you go.

Top Tip – be gentle, this line should be almost invisible!

  • Fake it till you make it! – Brush the brow upwards and fill in with ultra fine hair strokes to cover any sparse areas.
  • Add fine upward stokes in the bulb, keeping gaps for texture.
  • Step back and review
  • Lightly brush through any areas which look to harsh


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