Do you sleep in your Make Up? Maybe you shouldn’t?

We’ve all done it – stumbled in from a long day or a big night out and fallen asleep without taking our make up off.

However you’ll be surprised at how much damage, both short and long-term, that leaving your make up on can do, even going to sleep without washing your face properly on a non-make up day can be detrimental and cause problems for your skin.

Here are a few main problems that might make you think twice this weekend..

It can cause eye infections
Leftover eye make up can clog up glands and hair follicles, making you more prone to eye infections and irritations. Even the smallest amount of mascara or leftover liner can cause the tiny spaces to become blocked, which can lead to all kinds of problems such as styes, hordeolums, or even conjunctivitis.

It can leave you with sparse lashes
Leaving mascara on overnight can lead to individual hairs becoming stuck together, which in turn makes them more prone to falling or being pulled out.  Rolling around with clumpy lashes on a cotton pillow can also cause them to be pulled out or damaged.

It can clog pores & cause spots
Oil and make up mixed together can cause blocked pores, spots and skin irritation. Make up also clings onto bacteria and nasties that you’ve picked up throughout the day which can cause inflammation and irritation – something you really don’t want to sleep in.

It can cause Fine Lines & Wrinkles 
Free radicals cause the breakdown of healthy collagen, which results in fine lines on the skin. Make up clings onto free radicals in the same way that it clings onto bacteria, having a negative effect on the skin and speeding up the ageing process.

It can prevents Skin Renewal  
Our skin naturally renews itself as we sleep, as it doesn’t have to fight against free radicals and UV rays that are everywhere we turn during the day. During sleep our skin can renew, replenish and repair itself – but not if it’s still caked in make up and grime from the previous day.

It can stop your Skincare from working effectively
There’s little point in investing in a fab night cream, face mask or serum if you don’t remove your make up effectively and give it the best chance of working.

So the moral of the story is, you may be better off trying to incorporate the removal of your make up in your bedtime routine even if at the weekend it might go a little wrong!


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