Discount Retailers: Do You Really Know What Your Getting?

Although a lot of brands do produce products specifically for discount retailers,  a lot of stock still ends up there as a last resort to generate revenue.

When a company is in difficulty or it just wants to free up some warehouse space, they try to shift old stock at rock bottom prices. You may find a well known brand mascara or nail polish and feel like you’ve struck gold, but the chances are it’s been sat in a warehouse for a few years and the manufacturer or brand just wanted rid of it.

Although this may sound fine, sometimes this process takes years and often involves a third party overseas – making the product condition even worse. Put simply, you don’t know where it’s come from or how old it is.

Your face is a very sensitive, so applying out of date make up can cause all sorts of problems; allergic reactions, conjunctivitis, rashes and much more. Even applying old nail varnish can cause eye irritations – it may be applied to a nail, but you unintentionally touch your eyes and face hundreds of times a day, transferring the polish particles as you do so. Nail varnish is known to be one of the biggest causes of irritation. You wouldn’t buy a can of baked beans, leave it in the cupboard for ten years and expect it to still taste good; similarly, you shouldn’t expect old make up to be good for you either.

Be good to yourself and your skin!



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