Diary of a Shrinking Violet by Hollyoaks Carli Norris

Session 5 – ‘I haven’t felt this good in years!’

Carli Norris

Well, after yet another week of being (semi) good on my diet, staying off alcohol and drinking lots of water, I turned up to the session this week and was happy to find I hadn’t gained any of the inches i lost in last week’s session…

Iyasha was determined to shrink my arms (nothing has come off them at all, weirdly) so she double wrapped them and made me keep them under the blanket.

Dear readers- we are having a heatwave, and no amount of industrial fanning managed to stop me sweating under a blanket, towel, plastic wrap and oil. It seemed to do a world of good though- as I lost a further 7.75 inches! Next week’s measuring will tell whether it was water loss or fat! I haven’t managed to calculate how many inches lost since the beginning, but I know it must be over 20!

I went up to Hollyoaks filming the other day and saw my friend Jeremy Sheffield (used to be in Holby) He said how fantastic I was looking and I told him about the wrap- he was super skeptical but had to admit SOMETHING had worked! Having fallen off the diet wagon (although I am cutting my portions down) I have to say it HAS to be the shrinking Violet that has taken the weight off.

I haven’t felt this good in years, wearing clothes that show off my figure and there’s no need to hide my legs as the cellulite has COMPLETELY gone! Thank you, beauty boutique, I’m sad that the course finishes next week!!!


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