Diary of a Shrinking Violet by Hollyoaks Carli Norris – Part 4

Session 4 – Cellulite has vanished!

Carli Norris

Well, another week, another stumble clumsily over my diet (let’s not mention I haven’t been sticking to it!) but I have drunk the water!

Before I knew it I was snuggled comfortably up snoring away while the inches melted off- 5 inches lost today, which is my lowest number. I wonder if I’ve reached a plateau, then I realise – 5 INCHES! that’s all good for the final result.

I noticed on Facebook today a post from a nearby bootcamp congratulating a lady for losing 9 inches in just four weeks due to their exercise programme. That’s great- 9 inches is no mean feat! but I don’t like excising- I get enough running after my little ones. So it’s great that I lost that in the first session (just one hour of laying down) with the SV wrap!

I can really notice a difference now and am fitting into dresses I haven’t worn for years… all my bras are slightly too big on the back and I don’t have that unsightly “bra-bulge” anymore. My cellulite has vanished and even my stretchmarks look fainter. Got another 2 sessions to go so am really excited for the final results…

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