Diary of a Shrinking Violet by Hollyoaks Carli Norris – Part 3

Session 3 – Where did I put those belts?

Carli Norris

Well, after a week of waiting I finally got my monthly today (all week felt bloated and I know I was carrying extra weight) also, I had the fierce sugar cravings all week so of course, the diet failed completely. Basically, I turned up to The Beauty Boutique yesterday looking like I was carrying a small elephant in my abdomen. I dread the “before/during/after”ย photos being published!

Anyway, Iyasha has now got the hang of my bod and we quickly measured (half the markings were still there as I had been washing around them all week, hoping I would re-measure myself again) Inevitably I had gained six inches all over so was not over-the-moon with my 7.5 total inch loss during the wrap, but hey- 7.5″ is still great!

I consoled myself when I got home by looking at my starting measurements and found that in just 2 weeks I have lost 16.75 inches!! I haven’t hit the gym once and feel fabulous. roll on next week when I will have lost even more!

I have had brilliant feedback on my facebook page and a few friends have already said they would sign up for a session or two- although I would really recommend a course- one session is great for a special event but I would say the best results (and more permanent) are coming from weekly sessions.

p.s- I haven’t worn a belt with jeans since 2006 before I got preggers, and now none of my jeans fit anymore- all those that gave me muffin-tops a few weeks ago are now falling down if I dare to run after my children. where did I put those belts…..?

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