Diary of a Shrinking Violet by Hollyoaks Carli Norris – Part 2

Session 2 – Another 7.25 inches!

Carli Norris

Well, it was my birthday this weekend and I totally blew the diet (more about the diet I’m doing later). I drank champagne, ate cupcakes and a full-on roast dinner, so I was expecting to put on all the inches I had lost. I had put on 2.25 inches over 4 or 5 measurements, but had lost on others so my body is obviously changing shape.

After the oil had been applied, we started the wrap. I forgot again and breathed in when being wrapped and felt really restricted so when I laid down Iyasha cut the wrap away down my abdomen and re-wrapped. This is a really good point to make, don’t breathe in while you’re being wrapped! Anyway, before long I was snuggled down and dozed off again.

Afterwards we re- measured and I had lost a further 7.25 inches! That’s 16.5 inches in total in just 2 sessions. I’m really pleased and hope I can keep it up.

Now, it’s a good time to bring up my diet. I think the wrap is great but you need a bit of discipline when it comes to the aftercare if you want to keep the inches off. I’m not awfully good left to my own devices and always forget to drink water, so to compliment the treatments (don’t want to waste them!) I chose the Exante Diet, which is a calorie-constrictive diet based on soups, shakes and bars. You have to drink 2-3 litres of water a day which is exactly how the shrinking violet works- basically (have I mentioned this before?) the Soya bean extract is absorbed into your body and clings to the fat cells, then sends them out through your waste disposal- you actually wee your fat out! I have also been eating a main meal with my family but concentrated on the protein and plenty of veg.

The Shrinking Violet course is a lot to spend in one go (although much cheaper and safer than liposuction!) and the exante diet comes in a month’s supply for around £100- a massive saving on food! there are also many deals to be had- it was on Groupon recently for £30 for a full months’ supply. If you’re serious about losing weight and getting the inches off- this is the best treatment I have ever had. I haven’t done a minute’s worth of excercise! yay!

I measured myself the following day and had still lost on my thighs again, although my abdomen, waist and chest had gained. Then I remembered my cycle- it’s that time of the month on the horizon and I had water retention! no wonder I had been craving chocolate all day!

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