Deep Relax – Yes please!

As with any new  job my first week at the Boutique was wonderful, hectic, information overload and much more. At the end of it Amy gave me a cute little bottle of this bath oil and said try this in your bath tonight…”it will knock you out”.

The girls had all said how lovely it was and that it would help me sleep and completely relax me.

Well, I have used and worked with many different Aromatherapy oils throughout the last 9 years some amazing some not so much but this honestly did work!!

The smell was incredible, a combination of chamomile, vetiver and sandalwood! It really did help relax and calm my senses and I went straight to sleep after with no problems!

For the next couple of days the bathroom continued to smell of this deep relaxing oil….it was lovely! A must try product!!

Laura x


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