Celebrity Brow Transformations you will love!

Ok… so we’ve all been there! Brow times have changed and for the better thank the lord! The days of the skinny brow, over enhanced brow and ‘barely-there brow’ have gone and boy are we pleased!

Brace yourselves as we go back in time and take a look at some of our favourite celebrity brow transformations…


Back in the 90s, Gwen Stefani was a fan of the pencil brow alongside Pamela Anderson and Christina Aguilera. Luckily for her they grew back! Phewww…


Back in 1986 this look was flawless! Icon J LO has always has always had beautiful brows in our opinion but her current brows are defiantly our favourite.


When Jessica Alba first arrived on the scene in 1999, she went a little over board experimenting with the make-up and we don’t blame her. Since then, she has blossomed with natural beauty and these days is rocking the natural, full, brushed up brow – 10/10


A lot has changed for the Kardashian is the past year, aside from her bold pout and 94.1 million Instagram followers, Kylies brows are now much fuller and a better match on her hair colour.


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