Basic Skin Tips

Its no secret that we all crave flawless, plump and glowing skin.

There are many basics to skin care that we bypass in our order to find the perfect answer and if we start with these then there is a better chance of suceeding!

This is of course without a skin condition such as say acne or rosacea as this can often need special attention, treatments and potentially doctors support.

So we believe the below are the first steps to take in order to gain the skin you want!

  1. Your lifestyle – take into account smoking, drinking, stress as all these have an affect on the skin.
  2. Do you use SPF? Not protecting your skin in the sun can create premature ageing and sun damage including pigmnetation.
  3. Are you cleansing properly? Removing dirt and pollution from the skin daily is important for skincare.
  4. Are you using functional products? Using products designed for your skin rather than those that
    smell nice or a friend uses and says are good as they should be tailored for your needs.
  5. Speak to a professional. They can look at the skin in more detail and carry out a consultation, understanding your skin more and therefore able to prescribe the correct products.
  6. Keep your routine short and powerful. You do not need a multitide of products to do the job. A simple routine with a deeper cleanse and mask or serum added in twice a week is perfect. In addition in salon treatments once a month can help maintain good skin health.
  7. Stop touching and picking your skin. This transfers bacteria onto the skin, spreads infection an can cause scarring.



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