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So as we move into Winter, how best can we take care of our skin?

During any seasonal change it is important to assess what summer say for instance has done to our skin and what therefore we may need to feed and nourish our skin with for winter.

Just a few subtle changes to the skincare routine can have an effect and can help the skin to cope with changed from cold to hot to cold again as you move from indoors to outdoors and so on.

Skin peels and exfoliators are a great addition to this time of year as we can restore the skin at deeper levels and treat chronic dryness, dehydration and conditions such as pigmentation.

Add to this the use of our advanced Hyaluronic Acid products with low molecular weights that work down into the dermis and high molecular weights that give the surface of your skin more protection and therefore care for it in the colder months.

Overnight Ampules can really treat the skin and help to repair it overnight as well as hydrating it and soothing it whilst you sleep.

Pop in to see one of our skin specialists for any advice or help on how best to take care of your skin throughout the winter.


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