Are your lashes shedding?

Don’t panic, this is perfectly normal and the season is upon us where this will just happen!

Quite often we hear from our clients that the lashes haven’t lasted as long this time as they have before…..It most commonly has something to do with the last cycle.

Each lash on average lasts around 9-10 week and goes through different stages of growth  and today with the lashes becoming much finer and shorter (back in the day they were much thicker and longer) we are able to even use the baby lashes to apply an extension to. We always take into account not overloading the lashes and always opting for something that is relevant to the length and thickness of your natural lash.


Once a lash is fully grown it is then getting to shed but you can’t tell as a lash technician which ones are going to shed and when so when as clients you lose the odd one or two straight away then that can be perfectly normal and in fact you can expect to lose between 3-5 of your own natural lashes a day, so if those have a lash on then you will lose that too!!

Throughout the year, namely spring and autumn your lashes will experience a shed for reasons of cold and hot weather and this is when some clients may notice that at that particular time their lashes really did not last at all and they have never lost them so quickly.  If it falls around these times of year we can pretty safely say they are shedding and its perfectly normal.

So if you are a concerned lash wearer then fear not as losing lashes is like losing hair on your head.  Just follow your aftercare advise word by word and your lashes should stay healthy and happy.


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