Adult acne….what is it?

Yes, unfortunately adult acne is a thing.

Why is it that you have had problem free skin for as long as you can remember and then for some reason out of nowhere appears what looks like teenage acne? or, you did have troubled skin when you were younger which was sorted out over time and now its returned, you feel, worse than ever?

What we have learnt is that although acne is common with teenage skin it can also appear in adulthood, no matter how old you are. When this happens it is very similar to teenage acne but with a few extra influences.

We are all pretty aware these days of the common factors that directly contribute to acne including excess oil production, pores becoming blocked, bacteria and inflammation. However, there are also some indirect influences that can have an affect on the direct factors…if that makes sense?

Lets have a look…

During adulthood, hormones, stress, the menstrual cycle and the menopause in women can all affect the oil production in the skin. This is the start of things becoming unbalanced and where problems in the skin will begin. Some hair care and some makeup products can also block pores. Some medications can also cause acne to appear. Physical stresses such as lack of sleep, illness, dehydration and extreme weather can all trigger hormone changes thus effecting the skin and potentially causing this adult acne. Pregnancy sometimes causes acne in some women.

Now you may be a busy mum juggling the house and the children, or in full time work with a busy social life, caught in daily family and life stresses, all every day pretty normal things, alot of which can be out of our control, and these factors and stresses can all lead to imbalances in the body which can, in turn create acne. That might sound dramatic, but you cant ignore the science and facts behind it all.

Now, while you grab yourself a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer?, it isn’t all doom and gloom if you do get a touch of adult acne…

There are effective treatments out there to combat this unwanted skin condition, and what might work for one person may not work exactly the same for the next person which is why you should speak to your GP to get advice. They may prescribe you some home treatments and they could also refer you to a Dermatologist (skin expert). Treatments can be topical creams that you apply or they can also be oral treatments. These include retinoids, antibiotics, oral contraceptive pill, Benzoyl peroxide and Isotretinoin, just to name a few.

There are also other things you can do to help the skin if its having a tricky time, such as keeping the skin clean and balanced using a suitable skin care routine and also trying LED light therapy on the skin which we do offer in the Boutique. This is an effective treatment to help treat acne with its calming, healing and soothing properties.

Some people will never suffer with acne their whole life, and others will struggle with it and feel like its a continuous battle. We see a mix of clients in the Skin Clinic, some with acne, some with clear skin and some with skin that changes month to month. I for one have not had acne but I have had my fair share of breakouts and angry looking skin, and occasionally still today at the age of 32 my skin still has bad days.

It is true when they say ‘ you are never too old to start looking after your skin’, we truly believe that, and don’t let adult acne get you down if you are suffering, see your GP, come and see us,get advice don’t suffer alone.

Laura x



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