A Helpful Skin Map

Why is it always when we have a big event, night out with friends or even a date approaching that the dreaded breakout happens!

A lot of the time, annoyingly, we do break out around an inconvenient time! aahhhh!

Occasionally break outs can appear for other reasons other than having an oily skin. Sometimes there are underlying health or emotional issues that may show up in an irritating spot on our skin.

For the next few weeks of Laura’s Skin Tips we will address each are of the face to hopefully help you figure out why these breakouts are happening …

  1. Around the mouth, chin, jawline and down onto the neck, could be due to the following –
  • A hormonal imbalance
  • Time of the month
  • Stress
  • A kidney imbalance

Just a little note… this is not to scare anyone or to suggest you have underlying health issues… its just to help us look a little more in depth about our day to day skin issues.

Have a happy skin!


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