A happy skin!

Now the sunshine is out and hopefully here to stay, its important to keep our skin protected whilst enjoying ourselves! And lets face it, who doesn’t love thatย feeling of the sunshine warming their skin!? Here I have put together some helpful advise on how to stay happy & safe in the sunshine!…

Firstly and most important, Wear sunscreen! Ideally a cream or lotion with an SPF 30 and a broad spectrum, which protects us from the suns rays. Make sure when your applying your sunscreen that you apply it at least 15 minutes before going outside.

You should be reapplying your sunscreen at least every 2 hours and more if you are in and out of water, and don’t forget your ears, neck and feet!

Wear sunglasses with total UV protection and choose a chic floppy hat to keep your face covered.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.

If your going to use cosmetics, choose something that contains and SPF too!

This way you can enjoy the sunshine and keep your skin happy too!

Love Laura x



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