Our 5 Top Winter Beauty Mistakes

Now that winter is upon us and it’s definitely getting colder, I have put together some winter no no’s which I’m sure we have all been guilty of at some point!

So wrap up warm ladies and remember these tips……

Having a long hot shower– Even though this is tempting, after about 15 minutes the heat begins to affect the skins lipid layer which holds all the precious moisture in your skin – So turn the heat down or shorten your showers to keep your skin hydrated!

Skipping an SPF– The suns rays still exist in the winter which your skin will absorb and in time will cause damage. Just remember when your out on your lunch break or walking to work you always use an SPF moisturiser….SPF 30 ideally!

Neglecting your hands– Wearing cosy gloves will prevent cracked skin and peeling nails. Remember to use mild creamy hand wash with lukewarm water, use hand cream regularly and don’t forget cuticle oil!

Rough feet– Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should forget about your feet. They need looking after too.Try and have a pedicure every month or a softening treatment. A little tip…..go to bed with creamed feet and cotton socks…wake up with nice soft feet.

Wrong lip balm– Lips become chapped in winter so they need some protection and hydration. Try to use non waxy balms so they can penetrate into the skin and avoid anything too heavily scented or ones that taste like your favourite sweets.

With these 5 tips you will be on your way to kicking out the winter and taking care of you!

Laura x


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