4 Simple Beauty Tips You May Not Of Thought Of

 Where you hold the brush is a big deal. 

The further down you hold it, the more pressure you’re applying and the more dense the product application will be. When blending or anything like that, the higher you hold the brush, the better. It disperses the product evenly and seamlessly.

Practice new things before bed

It may sound silly and like a waste of make up but the truth is that it’s better to use a little bit of makeup unnecessarily than to try a cat eye just before leaving the house for an important date which you are forced to attend with 1.5 eyeliner flicks because you simply couldn’t get the other one right.

Stop using products up

This one might be quite hard but it seems silly to use something up even though it isn’t working for you. Pass it on to a friend with a different skin type/colouring or put it to one side incase your skin/colouring changes with the seasons

Stop using that magnifying mirror

Step away from the magnifying mirror and move onto a normal one where your imperfections aren’t magnified by 1000x.


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